Monday, January 5, 2015

My First SEO Experience with ExpressTruckTax


You might have known many experiences of your colleagues on their first project, but for each one it is a different experience. It is sure that no one will forget their first project experience and here is mine!

ExpressTruckTax is my first project in STS and my role in this is an SEO Analyst. Though I’m good in SEO basics, I felt nervous because it is my first ever project with no in-hand experience behind me at all, since this is a successful project which have enormous user base. A strong bond developed between me and the domain when I started to learn about it since I like trucks from my childhood.

I felt that I’m liberated in handling it because I had a freedom to do what I wish. I like the fact that this role requires a lot of communication with designers, testers, developers and people working onsite and it is not just sitting behind the desk. I was trying to apply new ideas to it which I got from my training sessions and put them into practice. I felt this role is not just doing SEO, It is more than that..

I decided that, to handle this project effectively, I have to prepare To-Do list every morning before I begin my work. I learnt how to make Social Media work in the way that support website ranking. From the analysis on blog visitors, I felt blog roadmap and series can build a connection among each posts.

I was very keen on updating myself with Google updates since I don’t want any of my activity to violate Search Engine policy which may end up in website penalization someday. I had an idea to add structure data to site but got stuck with a question – How to proceed? Many webmaster forums help me to recover from errors and I got excited when snippet shown in Search Results.

When the peak season started, my first and foremost task turned out to check the website position in search results. I got addicted in checking the website baseline everyday which made me to check it even on weekends. I felt so happy when the position improved just by one and conversely felt bad when it gets decreased. I could effectively observe the support of off page stuffs in website ranking. I understood the importance of promo code submission when I found the large number of visitors came through it in Google Analytics.

My observation in webpage analysis is that the content flow in the webpage can make a visitor to stay connected to it and the breadcrumb navigation can improve the way visitors flawlessly traverse up their way around.

Even when the peak season of my project got over and I’m currently working on other projects, my love towards it never ends. I often monitor the search engine results of it and waiting for the next season of my first project!

Still I need to explore more from Google, A long way around..!

Kanagalakshmi is a Junior SEO Analyst at Span Technology Services


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