Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why a good bug reporting is important for QA?

1. Prioritize a Bug
BUG Life cycle
Figure: BUG Life cycle

QA should learn to Prioritize the bugs by identifying the most important bugs in the initial stage, helping the company or developer make sense of the bugs is ten times more helpful then testing for mere volume.

2. Learn from a mistake

Everyone makes mistake, but learning from others and from your own mistakes will make you better tester. Ask questions to yourself!
  • -How can you improve your bug report next time?
  • -How can you prioritize better during the next test cycle?
  • -How can you communicate better with the development team?

3. Do not assume

Don’t think in the mind before going for testing that “Oh, I know this software well” or “I’ve used this before” are at risk of overlooking important bugs. Test with an open mind; look at the software from the User Perspective.

4. Question everything

  • -Does this work as intended?
  • -Does it work on all devices?
  • -Does it work under every possible use-case, every time?
  • -Why is it like this?
  • -Can it be better?

5. Think like an user

Before the Product reaches to the User – Think like a User and test, Pair your technical skills with an end-user’s mindset and you will find the best, most valuable bugs possible.

6. Report it clearly

Attaching screen shots and providing detailed bug reports will give the developer the information he or she needs to understand the bug and fix i.e. bug report should contain

  • -Where did it occur? 
  • -When it occur?
  • -How many times?
  • -On what devices?
  • -Which operating system?
  • -Under what circumstances?

Provide every possible detail/information will help the developers to make it easy to understand the issue.

7. Distinguish Average Bug Report vs Good Bug Report

  •  -If your bug is not reproducible it will never get fixed. You should mention clearly a step by step way to reproduce the bug.
  •  -Be Specific on creating a bug and do not write unnecessarily long description about the problem. Try to summarize the problem in minimum words. 
  • -Reproduce the bug three times before raising a Bug.

A good bug report will always help the developers to solve the problem easy. Through this way we can avoid misunderstanding problems from both sides

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