Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What is SEO?

Today, We’re very happy to launch our first blog in SEO category. The future blogs in this category include SEO Information & Tools, Google updates, Social Media Marketing, PPC Campaign and other technical stuffs. Since SEO only came onto the scene in the last couple of decades, it's no surprise that many people still ask: SEO what? The answer isn't a short one.

SEO is now being used by organizations as an internet-marketing tool or strategy to enhance their goodwill as well as in expanding their businesses globally.

Many people still wonders what's the SEO people are doing. Since SEO is not short enough to explain, we utilize this tech space to cover the parts of SEO which we learnt through our experience. We assure that you can get useful info here. Please feel free to ask for doubts and let us know your valuable suggestions through your comments.

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