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Things I Learned about SEO Tools #Keywords

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Well, I’m excited now. It is my first blog. I would like to share with you a thought which I was having in mind. In this blog you are going to know about Keyword tools that popular in SEO.

Why the keyword tool is necessary? 
Choosing the keyword is an important element in SEO process and it never gets outdated. In place of select the right keyword, source must be gathered and analyzed. So projections on return can be made.
Source based on

1. Website Theme (ex: Business, Medical, Entertainment, etc,.)
2. Domain Name
3. Geo Location
4. Language 
5. Time Range
6. Competition

There are a lot of data sources and research tools available for free (or) offer free versions. By using keyword tools, promoters (SEO's) can generate information to make decisions on keyword targets and set themselves up for successful SEO campaigns.

Image 1: Google Keywords Tools
Below you can find best free SEO tools for reviewing and troubleshooting.

1. Google Adwords: Keyword Planner   
2. Google Trends

1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

To understand what keywords consumers are searching and the necessity of each of those keywords. This can be determined using Google Adwords: Keyword Tool. To begin, Sign in to Google Adwords. Click on ‘Tools‘ and then ‘Keyword Planner‘. 

There are 4 way to search in keyword planner,
Google Adwords
Image 2: Google Adwords
Search for new keyword and ad group ideas 

Find new keywords related to a phrase, website, or category.

In order to see the demand of the keywords, switch "ON" keyword options for "only show ideas closely related to my search terms".

> Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups

Enter or upload keywords to research historical stats like search volume, or group them into ad groups

Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords

Enter or upload keywords to get click and cost forecasts

To specify a match type, add punctuation. For Broad match, "Phrase match", [Exact Match].
Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas

Create new keyword combinations and get search volume stats or traffic forecasts.

Image 3: Keyword Planner

Choosing the Right Keyword

Use more detailed keywords that should be always relevant to your website. Remember that if the keywords are too specific, you could not be able to reach many people. Try less specific keywords and then decide which one will give you better results.

2. Google Trends

Another attractive Google product is Google Trends. It will provide you the popular keywords which resemble to your search term. 

Image 4: Google Trends
In Trends we can use operators to filter the types of results. 


Form 2290     - Results Include both Form and 2290.

"Form 2290"   - Result shows Exact match case.

HVUT + 2290 - Include searches contain form or 2290.

HVUT - 2290  - Include searches contain HVUT, but exclude 2290.

To refine results you can sort by change time, location, categories and type of search (Web, Image, News, Google shopping and YouTube search). 

Image 5: Google Trends

It also gives you a graphical representation of the changing trends throughout the years. The tool shows you the country and city your term is popularly searched in, as well. 

Image 6: Google Trends

The above two free google tools are for my references which are used by SEO marketers. In my next blog, I will bring some more Google SEO tools for keyword researching and more. 

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