Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why Automation Testing is important?

          In this fast moving scenario of the software industry, software companies are not interested to spend much time on manual testing. But without testing a software quality deliverance cannot be achieved. At this kind of critical scenario automation testing plays a vital role in testing a software. Any human being in this world will be frustrated by testing a same functionality many times, but automation testing reduces these kinds of limitations.

Why Automated Testing?
  1. Increases Test Coverage
  2. Efficiency & Time Saving
  3. Re usability of the Test Process & parameterization
  4. Optimization of Speed, Quality, Accuracy
  5. Detailed test Reports and Results

1) Increases Test Coverage

      Test coverage of software can be often achieved in automation testing. In manual testing there is no assurance of not skipping any one step in the script, but in automation testing we can achieve the whole coverage of the software.
 Some examples are:
  • Regression test after debugging the code or further development of software
  • Testing of software on different conditions & platforms.

2) Efficiency & Time Saving

       Testing efficiency is calculated by the average number of tests cases you can run for an hour of tester time. Higher testing efficiency reduces the product development time and costs. Testing effectiveness is the rate at which your testing technology reveals bugs before your software or the product is released. Time saved by an automation testing framework is like a savings for the future, which can be invested in some other process.

3) Reusability of the Test Process & Parameterization

        The main advantage of automation testing is the reusability of the test process and with different inputs. The same tests actions can be reused exactly every time, with eliminating the risk of human errors such as testers forgetting their exact actions, voluntarily neglecting steps from the test process, missing out steps from the test script.

4) Optimization of Speed, Quality, Accuracy

        The main goal of software development is a timely deliverance. Automated tests run fast and frequently, with the aspects mentioned above. Automated tests ensure continuous stability and better quality of the software.

5) Detailed test Reports and Results

         Automation Test process does not need any manual supervision if it is properly framed. We shall start the process and can do other works, it will run and will give the exact results of the test execution and detailed report of the test cases and the test data used. With the help of these we can figure out the problems and bugs in the exact places in the software.

         We should remember that automation testing is a logical continuation of manual testing and this will be successful only when it is approached with a detailed knowledge of domain and functional behavior. The automation testing itself doesn’t exist as a test solution. It always co-exists with manual testing.

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